termcap.text: trs80-100|TRS-80 Model 100 v2, lines#8, has_status_line@, columns#40, init_tabs#8, init_1string=\EU, init_2string=\EW\Eq\EE, auto_left_margin,auto_right_margin, backspaces_with_bs, dest_tabs_magic_smso, xon_xoff, bell=^G, carriage_return=^M, clr_eol=\EK, clr_eos=\EJ, cursor_address=\EY%p1%' '%+%c%p2%' '%+%c, cursor_up=\EA, cursor_down=\EB, cursor_right=\EC, cursor_left=\ED, clear_screen=\EE, cursor_home=\EH, insert_line=\EL, delete_line=\EM, cursor_normal=\EP, cursor_invisible=\EQ, dis_status_line=\EU\EY0 \ES\EM, enter_reverse_mode=\Ep, enter_standout_mode=\Ep, exit_standout_mode=\Eq, exit_attribute_mode=\Eq, key_backspace=^H, tab=^I, key_up=^^, key_down=^_, key_left=^], key_right=^\, newline=^M^J, scroll_forward=^J, set_attributes@, max_colors@, acs_chars=}\243.\231\,\233+\232 -\230h\345~\325a\377 f\246`\235{\210q\361 i\251n\372m\366 j\367|\212g\2150\357 w\363u\371t\364v\370 l\360k\362x\365, These are the shell customizations I use in my .profile: #Stop macOS from complaining about us not using the zsh shell, since zsh has a bug in it which causes it to spit out unnecessary control codes at the prompt. export BASH_SILENCE_DEPRECATION_WARNING=1 # Change to our custom TRS-80 Model 100 terminal definition. export TERM=trs80-100 # Set the terminal to full duplex. /bin/stty echo # Tell the terminal to send us ASCII text only. export LANG=C # Tell the terminal to use Control-S/Control-Q flow control stty ixon ixoff -ixany # Compensate for programs that ignore the TERMINFO variable stty rows 8 cols 40 # Tell the terminal which character to use for backspace stty erase ^H # Unset the usual definition of Control-\, because the TRS-80 Model 100 uses that for other things stty quit undef # Tell the terminal to interpret a carriage return as a newline character stty icrnl # Force man to use more for paging (which actually ends up being less in macOS) export MANPAGER=more # For some reason, man needs to be reminded of our terminal width. Naughty man. export MANWIDTH=40 # Hey, we're monochrome here! export GCC_COLORS="" # Set our custom, very short, prompt. export PS1="\h/\W:" # Path stuff, which is always both a bother and a necessity. export PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/Applications/Little\ Snitch.app/Contents/Components # Set the ls command to our custom settings which make it very small on the TRS-80. # -1 Causes single column output, which is needed because filenames these days are often very long # -F Adds decorations to the ends of certain entries to indicate of they're a directory or executable or other things. This is done because we don't have the option of color to differentiate between these items. alias ls="ls -1 -F" # Set htop to look better on our small screen and low refresh rate. alias htop="htop --no-color --delay=30 --no-unicode --no-mouse --readonly" # Set some of the lynx options to work better on our small screen and low refresh rate. Other lynx settings also have to be changed within the lynx config file. alias lynx="lynx -accept-all-cookies=true -book -nomargins=true -nomore=true -noprint=true -nostatus=true -notitle=true -number_links=true -number_fields=true -useragent='TRS-80 Model 100 via Lynx' -width=40" # Tell newsboat to stop telling us all its little progress updates. alias newsboat="newsboat --quiet" # Customization for nano. alias nano="nano -Opx" # Tell the w3m browser that we're monochrome alias w3m="w3m -color=0" export PATH="/opt/homebrew/sbin:$PATH” —:—