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lɒiɿɘqmI ɘʇɒƆ

Friday, April 7th, 2023 Alive 18,973 days

Three things I learned from watching the 1944 film The Conspirators:

  1. Nazis thugs have really good penmanship.

    A Nazi writes down a potential spyʼs name
    Casually jotting down a guyʼs name in perfect Palmer
  2. The mirrors in Portugal are defective; they project an image, instead of reflect the image.

    A cigarette girl looks at her projection in what is supposed to be a mirror
    I canʼt fix my hair in that
  3. Lisbon has the same johnny pumps as New York.

    A car pulls up to the curb in what is supposed to be Lisbon
    Yep, thatʼs totally Portugal. Not a generic New York movie set in any way.
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