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Well, shiver me timbers!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 Alive 18,775 days

A page from the Scully & Scully catalog

My wife received a catalog in the mail from Scully & Scully. And just in time, too!

Iʼve been building a 300-foot-long 17th-century Spanish galleon in the back yard for the last five years, and need a massive desk for the captainʼs quarters. You know — to put my gold doubloon scale on and to shout “Arrrrrrr!” across at scallywags and landlubbers.

And at just $12,275, itʼs a bargain! Might as well get a full set of matching $3,000 chairs from the next page.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 Alive 17,291 days

A couchless sidewalk

Day 9: The couch has been called home. Godspeed, Stains McComfortson.

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 Alive 17,227 days

Reclining in wait for the doctor

There are now leather reclining massage chairs in the exam rooms. Nice to see my doctor finally putting that sweet copay money to good use.

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