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Having a blast

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 Alive 18,025 days

Screenshot from the Las Vegas Review-Journal web site

Things like this are why itʼs hard to have work-from-home conference calls in Las Vegas.

I was on a call yesterday when this went by my apartment, and it derailed the whole event for everyone. Itʼs not just the noise, but you canʼt explain to someone in Chicago whatʼs going on. They just canʼt wrap their brains around it.

When I drove for Uber, I spent a lot of time in the neighborhoods on the eastern edge of town, right up against Nellis Air Force Base. They have to live with this sort of thing all day long, every day. Again, not so much the noise; but I found the sight of these things rocketing right over the homes disturbing.

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